Students' Testimonials

"Deciding to take this class my last semester despite the workload was one of the best decisions I could have made. Throughout this competition I was able to increase my business knowledge while also applying the concepts and theories I’ve been learning for the past few years, beyond a textbook definition or a simple homework assignment. I learned what it is like to work with a team for an extended amount of time and I gained some insight on executive decisions that need to be made. I can now see how several departments in a company work together to create synergy and achieve a common goal. Beyond that, I have met amazing people who inspire me and pushed me to new limits. I am forever grateful for this whole experience and the growth I’ve experienced makes me excited to apply what I have learned in the real world."

Sabrina Powell 2022 undergraduate competitor

“The competition gave me the resources and knowledge that cannot be learned in a classroom. It showed me the importance of having a solid plan and being able to execute it. Most importantly, I can attribute a big part of my success to specific lessons learned during the competition.”

2022 undergraduate competitor

“I learned more in this class/competition than in all my classes over 4 years”

2021 undergraduate competitor

“ICBSC is the only class I liked coming to and working on.”

2021 undergraduate competitor

“The most beneficial effect that any student aspiring toward an MBA will find in the ICBSC is the comfort that will come in running the day-to-day operations of a business. During the MBA program, I learned a whole lot about separate entities and departments of businesses, but a struggle that always frustrated me was how it all fit into the bigger picture. I would ask myself, “I know about each separate business unit whether it be operations, marketing, or management, but how does it all fit together? And how do department heads work together to make decisions that are in the company’s best interests? The ICBSC went a long way in alleviating that frustration. In the competition, I was able to get a taste of every single unit of a business, and to see the challenges that await executives and department heads… Here I learned that any business decision incorporates each aspect of the business – from marketing and where to set price to increase or decrease demand, to operations where a decision on how many lines would be necessary to run must be made, to finance from which the funds for wither route would be allocated. My work in the ICBSC gave me comfort as to how a decision can come about in business, and how past data and future projections can be utilized to make the decision that is in the best interests of the firm. The ICBSC also was an extremely valuable course for me with regards to teamwork. In turned out that all members of my team had strong personalities, with each member being very outspoken as far as the correct way to allocate funds, whether or not a decision was correct or incorrect, and so on. The experience I gained on this team was that while it can be difficult to make decisions with strong-willed individuals, the ultimate decisions are more sound because a lot of thought, opinion, and discussion goes into each one. I learned to not be as sensitive as my nature makes me, because if somebody challenges my opinion or assertions it tends to be more constructive than destructive. Moving forward in my career, I will most definitely use the team skills I have learned this semester to have more spirited and productive meetings.”

Sam Foxall 2020 MBA Competitor

"ICBSC Project and the simulation taught me to put together all the knowledge I have gained in traditional classes into a real competitive environment."

Art Acuna 2020 MBA competitor

"The lessons learned throughout the ICBSC competition were enormous. The ICBSC allowed me to advance my business decision-making skills in marketing, finance, production, human resources, management, and strategic business planning. I was able to apply concepts learned throughout the MBA program. Stock valuation and production control to name few. I was also able to apply statistical tools and regression analysis methods picked from the information systems course and finance course which helped improve our forecasting capability and helped other teams in class as well. I came to realize that a decision taken in one functional area will have a direct or indirect effect on other functional areas. Therefore, all decisions were taken as a team. Finally, and most importantly, this competition has also allowed me to grow my personal and strategic network and strengthen my teamwork, communication, and leadership skills by paving the way for me to work closely with other CSULB graduate and undergraduate students. Being part of the ICBSC was extremely rewarding and it gave me and the rest of the team an opportunity that our current employer couldn’t offer. While the decisions made were within a simulated environment, the decision-making process and gathering the information required to make those decisions, is a skill that all attendees can transfer to real world situations. The more effort put into this competition, the more knowledge one will get out of it."

Khodr Saleh 2020 MBA competitor

"When you are a business student, you hear the phrase “in the real world” many times over. It is in reference to life after school when everything you have learned will be put to the test. At CSULB the real world was brought to the classroom in the form of the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC). After a selective application process, a group of graduate and undergraduate students from CSULB were split into three teams, each competing in a simulated environment of companies from all over the world. As the CEO of “What A Crock” I had the opportunity to learn concepts outside of the textbook that provided a glimpse into what I would face in the workplace as a C-Suite executive..."

Leah Espinoza 2020 MBA competitor

“I can honestly say it has been one of the greatest things I have done at San Diego State. It provided me with an opportunity to apply the information I learned in my classes.”

Otto Lange 2014 undergraduate competitor

“The competition definitely exposed me to something new and it pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish.”

Melissa Nguyen 2014 undergraduate competitor

“My experience with the ICBSC helped me make important decisions more quickly. It required me to identify pertinent information from a large amount irrelevant information. The ICBSC placed me in a situation in which I saw how different divisions of a business fit together and how each has an effect on the others. Most importantly, my participation in the ICBSC gave me in-depth experience with teamwork. I learned more about teamwork and how to recognize good team members than I did from any other project or team sport in which I have participated.”

Jared Fisher 2014 MBA competitor

“Personally, the competition has taught me a lot about the most important aspect of business, which is the ability to be able to work as a team. Businesses nowadays rely heavily on teams in their organizations and the competition gives the participant the most realistic management experience by allowing the participants to work as a group to tackle realistic business problems. The competition served to broaden my horizons as a business student and the experience will definitely stay with me long after I come out to work.”

John Lee 2010 undergraduate competitor

“Most of us will work our way up to management through one functional area (i.e. marketing, finance, etc). Having experienced running a major corporation, making multi-million dollar decisions, and making management-level decisions through the competition, I feel as if I have a competitive advantage over students who have not and a much better holistic view of the complexities involved in running a major organization.”

Loren Kaiser 2010 MBA competitor

“The best aspect of the competition, was working with dedicated peers towards a higher goal than simply obtaining an A grade. We were in it for the win, and to represent our school! We did it as a team, and it is awesome that the relationships we built will remain for years to come. We were given the best opportunity to run our own business, our own way, and brainstorm our own idea! It was a great culminating experience to three years of MBA study! The experience is what I will most take with me, and prepared me well for the real world of business!”

Justin Steger 2010 MBA competitor

“The competition gave me the resources and knowledge that cannot be learned in a classroom. The experience showed me the importance of having a solid plan and being able to execute it. Most importantly, I can attribute a big part of my success in Parker Aerospace’s graduate program to specific lessons learned during the competition.”

Rudholff Bischoff 2010 undergraduate competitor

“The EXPERIENCE that benefits you throughout your college career and beyond!” “A MIND-STRETCHING experience for anyone who wishes to challenge themselves!” “My experience as a participant surely has helped me developed intellectually and emotionally as a college grad and prepared me for the real world upon graduation!”

Qingfang Zheng 2009 undergrad competitor now working in Singapore

“Participating in the ICBSC business competition allowed me to apply all of my two years of MBA course knowledge (i.e. Accounting & Finance, Marketing, and Management). I got the first-hand experience of being a top manager that managed a simulated company in a competitive environment, very similar to the real world business environment.”

Jefery Kusnadi 2009 MBA competitor

“The ICBSC is the answer for college students who are looking for to have a fun networking experience that tests their knowledge in the business field. I learned more about business through this competition than I ever learned in the classroom. Classroom is the principle. ICBSC is the practice.”

Thu-Nguyet (Nicki) Tran 2010 undergraduate competitor