Student Testimonial

“I can honestly say it has been one of the greatest things I have done at San Diego State. It provided me with an opportunity to apply the information I learned in my classes.”

Otto Lange Designation2014 undergraduate competitor

“The competition definitely exposed me to something new and it pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish.”

Melissa Nguyen 2014 undergraduate competitor

“My experience with the ICBSC helped me make important decisions more quickly. It required me to identify pertinent information from a large amount irrelevant information. The ICBSC placed me in a situation in which I saw how different divisions of a business fit together and how each has an effect on the others. Most importantly, my participation in the ICBSC gave me in-depth experience with teamwork. I learned more about teamwork and how to recognize good team members than I did from any other project or team sport in which I have participated.”

Jared Fisher 2014 MBA competitor

“Personally, the competition has taught me a lot about the most important aspect of business, which is the ability to be able to work as a team. Businesses nowadays rely heavily on teams in their organizations and the competition gives the participant the most realistic management experience by allowing the participants to work as a group to tackle realistic business problems. The competition served to broaden my horizons as a business student and the experience will definitely stay with me long after I come out to work.”

John Lee 2010 undergraduate competitor

“Most of us will work our way up to management through one functional area (i.e. marketing, finance, etc). Having experienced running a major corporation, making multi-million dollar decisions, and making management-level decisions through the competition, I feel as if I have a competitive advantage over students who have not and a much better holistic view of the complexities involved in running a major organization.”

Loren Kaiser 2010 MBA competitor

“The best aspect of the competition, was working with dedicated peers towards a higher goal than simply obtaining an A grade. We were in it for the win, and to represent our school! We did it as a team, and it is awesome that the relationships we built will remain for years to come. We were given the best opportunity to run our own business, our own way, and brainstorm our own idea! It was a great culminating experience to three years of MBA study! The experience is what I will most take with me, and prepared me well for the real world of business!”

Justin Steger 2010 MBA competitor

“The competition gave me the resources and knowledge that cannot be learned in a classroom. The experience showed me the importance of having a solid plan and being able to execute it. Most importantly, I can attribute a big part of my success in Parker Aerospace’s graduate program to specific lessons learned during the competition.”

Rudholff Bischoff 2010 undergraduate competitor

“The EXPERIENCE that benefits you throughout your college career and beyond!” “A MIND-STRETCHING experience for anyone who wishes to challenge themselves!” “My experience as a participant surely has helped me developed intellectually and emotionally as a college grad and prepared me for the real world upon graduation!”

Qingfang Zheng 2009 undergrad competitor now working in Singapore

“Participating in the ICBSC business competition allowed me to apply all of my two years of MBA course knowledge (i.e. Accounting & Finance, Marketing, and Management). I got the first-hand experience of being a top manager that managed a simulated company in a competitive environment, very similar to the real world business environment.”

Jefery Kusnadi 2009 MBA competitor

“The ICBSC is the answer for college students who are looking for to have a fun networking experience that tests their knowledge in the business field. I learned more about business through this competition than I ever learned in the classroom. Classroom is the principle. ICBSC is the practice.”

Thu-Nguyet (Nicki) Tran 2010 undergraduate competitor